SpEd Assessment Folder – Editable

Keeping track of every single accommodation for each student can be difficult at times, especially during a test or testing season.

Test Folder-editable
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Keeping track of each students individual accommodations can be a challenge.  The easiest way I have found is through accommodation folders.  I create one for each student once I see their IEP accommodations.   I also color code my students to make sure I grab the correct folder in a hurry.
I create a list to add to the inside of the folder.  This way I have everything at my finger during their tests.
At the end of the test, I complete and accommodation sheet, and you have  documentation quickly. I also add notes if I think they should have another accommodation added  during their annual IEP meeting.  If someone needs a justification you have your notes.
The best part is I have found three ways to keep and track this data.
1. Paper form
2. Edit your own forms
3. Google forms (you can copy my template here)
Another great use I have found for this folder is test security when students take the tests outside of the classroom.   The folder covers the test.
Just another way to stay organized in the classroom.  Did I mention this is a freebie in my store?  Grab it here.
Thanks for reading and joyful teaching!