Organizing Visuals

I have tried so many ways to organize all my visuals and every way I have tried has not worked.  Including sorting boxes, notebooks and placing them in folders.  Either the visuals do not fit, fall out or get lost.   This year I am going to try a new way to keep my visuals organized.


I am color-coding my students for easy differentiation and organization.   I will keep all the visuals in Project Cases.  This way I do not have to keep them in binders and watch the pieces fall out or get lost.  The best part is keeping in the project cases, so if a visual comes loose it will still be in the bottom of the project case!


After I figure out which color each student will be,  I keep all the visuals they will need on that color card stock, making it very easy to find the visuals I need quickly.

How do you organize your visuals for your classroom?

Thanks for reading and joyful teaching!


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Organizing Visuals with project cases