Introducing capital letters

I have several students working on learning their letters.  I am starting with capital letters.  I have created basic cards for each letter to use with my students.

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  1.  Have them match basic letter cards.  I have created letter flashcards for students to match.  I am starting with matching two letters at a time.  (I am starting with letters in their name.) Next, I will have them match three letters at a time and so on.
  2. After the student has mastered the above basic cards, I will create them again in different colors and start the process over.
  3. Next, I will add plastic letters for them to match with the cards, starting with 2 letters, then three and so on.
  4. After they have mastered matching, we will start working on identifying letters.  Start with one or two letters, and slowly work my way up when the student is ready.

I hope this help give you ideas on how to teach your students letters.  How do you teach letters?  Please leave it in the comments, as I would love to know.


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