DIY Visual Dollars

To follow up with my DIY visual coins, I am also including dollars.

Having visuals is one of the best ways to help teach any concept to our students.  It helps them understand and learn when ever we can make the lesson more multi sensory.   One of the easiest ways to make money lesson more interactive is creating basic visual to put on the board.  Today, I thought I would share with you today and how to create my visual dollars.  (Please note these are not as true to a dollar as the coins are, but with copy right laws, it is much harder to copy a paper dollar than coins.)

dollar visuals
Downloads: 85, File Size: 11.0 MB

1. Print out the dollars. {If you want them to be more durable, print them on card stock.}

2. Laminate the dollars.

3. Cut them out.

4. Add a magnet to the back of them.

Example of the visual dollarsThat is all you need to add dollar visual to your classroom.  I created a set of ten for my classroom and we used them on a regular basis.  In the FREEBIE, I included just one side of the bill.

What visuals do you use on a daily basis with your students?

Thanks for reading and joyful teaching!




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