3 ways to teach coin identification

Teaching money is a hard concept for our students, but it is a necessary life skill.  It is a concept that I teach all year long.  Here are three activities to help make teaching coins easier on your students.

1.  Large Visual Coins– You can read about how I created these here.  Theses visuals can be stored on your board for easy access.  I always used them when we had an extra minute to review coins on a consistent basis.  At the beginning of the year, I start out with identification of each coin.  How much each coin is worth.  After they have mastered theses concepts we slowly move on to teaching coin equivalencies.  For example five pennies is equal to one nickel.

Large visual coins for a special education classroom

2. Money sort work task– I have students sort the money into 4 different containers.  When I started this task I only had them sort pennies and quarters.  Once they mastered sorting two coins, they move onto pennies, dimes and quarters.  Finally, we added all four coins into the sort.  

Coin Sort for a special education classroom
3.  Coin puzzle task cards–  Have students practice money concepts on a regular basis.  My students love doing puzzles.  I put the two of them together to make a more engaging activity for them.  This way they can practice their coins year round with many different combinations.  If you would like to own your own copy of theses task cards you can get level 1 here, level 2 here, level 3 here and I have bundled them at a discount.

 coin task cards for a special education classroom

I hope this help give you ideas for teaching coin identification in your classroom.  Have you found another way to teach money?

Thanks for reading and joyful teaching!


3 ways to teach coin identification